Welcome to Best Southwest Bar Association

The Best Southwest Bar Association is a non-profit association of attorneys and legal assistants that have come together to share information about current legal issues and ways to better serve individuals and businesses in the Southwest Dallas County area. Member attorneys must, as a requirement for membership, maintain their primary law office in one of the Best Southwest cities of Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville or Lancaster. Current membership of the bar consists of attorneys from all the Best Southwest cities and represents a wide range in areas of practice. The Best Southwest Bar Association will provide a public service column on a current legal subject once a month appearing in the Opinion pages of Today Newspapers. Upcoming columns include: legal problems facing the elderly, dealing with food borne illnesses contacted at commercial eateries, pros and cons of incorporating a small business, sealing a criminal history from public disclosure, and what to do when you get a traffic ticket. The Best Southwest Bar Association and its members are committed to keeping our local citizens informed on the many different legal issues that face people today..

Members of the Best Southwest Bar Association, Inc. are licensed attorneys in good standing with the State Bar of Texas. You should determine whether a particular attorney is appropriate for your particular case by contacting the attorney. Best Southwest Bar Association, Inc. makes no representations or warranties regarding the content of any individual website that may be linked.